09 January 2010

Business as usual at Dental Records HQ

We got new releases this year from the likes of: Insision, Hollow Corp, The Ugly, Vemoth and some more new signings. There's plenty more to come.
And some other cool stuff! So be prepared!


26 March 2009

Say your prayers, because the end is near! Vemoth - "The Upcoming End" is scheduled to be released on 29 May in Europe.


16 January 2009

We are happy to welcome Vemoth to the Dental family. Their record entitled "The Upcoming End" was just recorded at the famous Necromorbus studio. Expect nine crushing black metal songs soon to be classics, to be released on digipack early 2009.


03 October 2008

Release date is set for The Ugly - "Slaves to the Decay". It will hit the shops 14 November. First 1000 copies will come in a luxurious digipak.


20 August 2008

# 1 Black Metal album of the year:


01. Seven Heads, Ten Horns
02. Divide Et Impera
03. Crooked Serpent Salvation
04. Diggin' Graves
05. Throne of Grief
06. Hierarchy of the Undead
07. Disease
08. Death Beyond Flag or Uniform
09. Black Metal Punks
10. Necrosis
11. Dressed in Death


07 August 2008


Just to let you know regarding the news on Memfis' myspace site. The band says that they are free from the deal with Dental records. This is something we must deny, as we still have an option for another album AND the band has agreed on it. Due to matters beyond our control, all of the sudden the band have decided that they are free from the deal, which is something we cannot agree on, especially since we have spent a fortune on marketing for the first album ("The Wind-up"). So we really need the band to recoup before they go anywhere else, and if they try we will take measures. Because a contract is a contract.


21 July 2008

Finally we have set the releasedate for the Freezing Fog - "March Forth To Victory" in Europe, the street date is 22 October (some territories will have it earlier ).

We promise you it is worth the wait.


27 June 2008

Prosthetic Records has set a 30 September release for the album Hollow Corp. - "Cloister Of Radiance"


29 April 2008

We are sorry to inform that, due to various reasons beyond our control, The Freezing Fog release is postponed to August.


03 April 2008

The Ugly will enter studio Necromorbus the 26 May, to start recording their debute album entitled "Slaves to the Decay".


13 March 2008

The Freezing Fog will release their debut album "March Forth To Victory" in Europe 7 May.

"March Forth..." is a modern classic, fusing the dark grooves of Sabbath with the upbeat rock-chops of Purple, and finished off with sprinklings of contemporary hard rock ala Mastodon or Neurosis. It is infused with an evident knowledge of how to craft a catchy song; the Fog's most coveted trademark.


17 January 2008

Since we started Dental Records, we have always searched worldwide to find the right black metal band to join our ever growing rooster of diversed Metal. Believe it or not, the band that we finally found was in our own backyward. We welcome The Ugly to the Dental family. This young band has huge potential to be the next leading Black metal band hailing from Sweden. Take a dose of Nifelheim and Dark Funeral and mixed with their own sound and you get the idea of what the band is all about.

The debut album will be recorded in Necromorbus studio (Watain, Mörk Gryning) in April, a release is set to September.

Check out the demo song "Seven heads ten horns" on our media player.


11 January 2008

Insision needs your help to grind at Sweden Rock Festival 2008!

Please go to Sweden Rock, and vote for Insision! Just write "Insision" and click "Skicka" (send).

Thank you for the support!


3 December 2007

Christmas comes early to Dental Records. We are very happy to welcome two new bands to the family.

The Freezing Fog:
Some musical influences for this young Manchester act are Black Sabbath, (early) Metallica, Kyuss, Deep Purple, Cathedral. The debut album, "March Forth To Victory", was released early this year in the UK. Expect a release for the rest of Europe in early 2008. The CD will come in a luxurious digipac with bonus tracks.

The Mighty Nimbus:
Hailing from Minneapolis, USA. These Sludge Metal kings have recorded their second album, "Chronicles of the northern beast", which was mixed by none other than Nico from Entombed. Expect an early worldwide release 2008.


27 June 2007

Dental Records is pleased to announce the European release date for Hollow Corp's and Insision's Dental debuts; 26 September. More info in Presskits section very soon.


8 May 2007

A lot of our artists are playing at festivals this summer, so if you're going to Maryland Deathfest or Obscene Extreme Festival - look out for Birdflesh!

If you're at Les Eurockéennes, Festival Léz'Arts Scéniques or Chaos Fest - check out our latest signing, Hollow Corp!

And if you plan to go to Sweden Rock Festival, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Peace & Love or Bloodstock Open Air - you should make up your mind now, and go, 'cause Memfis will be there!

Click this link Live Section for more details.


5 March 2007

Pump up the volume, and check out some lava hot new metal in our mighty Media Player! Insision give you "Doubt denied" - the first taster from their forthcoming album "Ikon", and Hollow Corp present "Thujon" - from their debut album "Cloister of radiance". Release dates for both records will be presented very soon, very soon.


21 February 2007

Alrighty folks, we're getting closer! Hollow Corp's debut album "Cloister of radiance" and Insision's first album for Dental Records, "Ikon", are now mastered and both sound Absolutely Amazing! Check out the covers and track listings in the Releases section.

We will report once release dates are confirmed, but we can already tell you that Insision is going to make an album release party gig at Tantogården in Stockholm on 12 May. Mark your calendars, metalheads!


20 February 2007

Memfis are confirmed for three Swedish festivals this Spring / Summer: Växjö Metal Night (March), Sweden Rock Festival (June), and Arvikafestivalen (July). More dates to come...


16 January 2007

Memfis will make their first live apperance in England at London's Proud Gallery 25 January. Also appearing this evening are Devil Sold His Soul and Patience Cleveland. Don't miss this for the world.


11 January 2007

Memfis nominated!

We are very proud to announce that Memfis's album "The wind-up" is nominated in the Hard Rock/Punk category at the Swedish Independent Music Awards - Manifest 2007!

The other nominees in this category are In Flames, Asta Kask, Fingerspitzengefühl, and Wolverine. The awards will be held at Nalen in Stockholm on 9 February.


8 January 2007

Have you ever had problems recruiting the right designer to make your company's new logo, or your t-shirt or your record cover? Cold Design is here to solve your recruiting problems. The initiative behind Cold Design was taken by Omer Akay, label manager of Cold Records and Dental Records.


29 December 2006

With only a few days left of 2006, Dental Records would like to say a few proud words about our first year of existence.

We signed our very first acts Birdflesh, Hearse and Memfis; we released our first albums; we saw Memfis open up for metal giants such as Entombed, Haunted and Satyricon - and snatch Radio P4's "Rookies of the Year" award - and we sent Birdflesh to UK for a successful club tour. We also managed to sign two more acts, Hollow Corp and Insision, and we are already looking at launching new records early next year. There will be more acts signed too, but who they are we can't tell you quite yet...

Thanks to all you metal heads for the support of Dental Records. You will be hearing more from us in 2007.

Stay metal!!

14 December 2006

Dental Records proudly presents the label's first non-Swedish band: Hollow Corp, from France.

"We were totally blown away when we first heard of this band. They sound like nothing or no one else. Trying to label their music is like figuring out the Da Vinci Code!" says label manager Ömer Akay.

Hollow Corp's style is a great mix of metal and post-hardcore, combined with some industrial, noise, sludge, and stoner ingredients.

The debut album is being recorded as we announce this, and the promo video for "Thujon" is about to be ready. The plan is to release the record in March or April. For more info on Hollow Corp, check the Artists section.


8 December 2006

We are very happy to welcome a new band to the Dental family: Insision.

Some words from Dental Records' spokesman:
Insision are probably the best death metal band hailing from Sweden in modern time. We are honored to have this opportunity to work with them and to pick up where Earache/Wicked Wold left off. We will certainly do our best to take the band to the next level.

The new album "Ikon" will be released in March/April next year. The final touches on the album is being made as we speak, along with preparations for a video to support this masterpiece.

Bookies should get in touch with the band NOW for live appearances in 2007...


7 December 2006

Dental Records artists and progressive metal band Memfis have been honored with the "Rookies of the Year" award by Sweden's rock radio station P4 Dist. The group's prize package includes a slot at next year's Sweden Rock festival, set to take place 6-9 June 2007 in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

[left to right] Omer Akay (Dental Records), CJ (Memfis), Mattias Engström (Memfis) and David Karlström (TMC).


16 November 2006

We are proud to announce that Memfis will be supporting Satyricon on all the Swedish and Danish dates of their "Scandinavian Diabolical 2006" tour. The shows are announced in the Live section.


3 November 2006

If your shop for some reason can't get hold of our products, please contact us at info(at)dentalrecords(dot)se


25 October 2006

Today marks the release of Birdflesh's and Hearse's amazing new albums on Dental Records! Hear samples in the Media Player to your right, and check out song lists and cover art in the Releases section.

29 September 2006

"The wind-up" by Memfis is now available in most of the local iTunes Music Stores. Go check it out!


14 September 2006

The Memfis album "The wind-up" has entered the official Swedish sales chart at number 20! Needless to say, we are on fire!!


1 September 2006

The 20 first who pre-order the Memfis album at Sweden Rock Shop will also get a Memfis t-shirt.

18 Augusti 2006

The Memfis debut "The wind-up" is now available at iTunes Music Store Sweden. Shortly, the album will also be available at iTunes Music Stores world wide.

31 July 2006

Order a signed copy of Memfis's upcoming debut album "The wind-up" here:

Music Shop (Sweden only)

17 July 2006

Memfis's upcoming debut album "The wind-up" is now available to pre-order at the following webshops:

Bengans (international)
CDON (Europe)
Ginza (Sweden)

If you live in Sweden, you can pre-order the album in your local record store too.

Note: The first edition of "The wind-up" is a limited edition digipak - so don't risk to miss it!

27 June 2006

Check out Dental Records at MySpace and hear brand new tracks from Memfis's upcoming debut album "The wind-up" as well as Hearse's fourth full length record "In these veins". Brand new stuff from Birdflesh's anticipated "Mongo musicale" will be made available in the coming days too.


11 June 2006

We are very proud to announce that we have taken delivery of the brand new album masters for Birdflesh, Hearse and Memfis! We are currently planning to release these records in beautiful digipak in the Fall of 2006.

Birdflesh have recorded 25 tracks for their third full length album, "Mongo musicale". A stunning piece of work and art! Hearse have brought their concept up a notch on album number four, "In these veins", produced by the almighty Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity). Finally, the progressive Swedes of Memfis are making their album debut with the astounding eleven track disc, "The wind-up" on 6 September.


17 February 2006

The homepage of Dental Records is online, we are still working on the updates here and there so please bare with us.

Roster as of January 2006:

Birdflesh: Swedish grindcore supreme.
Memfis: Progressive and astounding.
Hearse: Death metal with brutal melodies, featuring Johan Liiva (ex-Arch Enemy)